Movement & Art Term 3 2022

About the Course:

Tuesdays 10.00 - 11.30am
2nd August - 20th September 2022
8 weeks.

Designed by Emilia Rubio
About Emilia 

Movement & Art is an eight week online programme exploring the sensorial, imaginative and creative experience while developing skills through movement and spontaneous visual art.


Tutor Emilia Rubio has designed the programme to include breathing and stretching exercises, hand dances and drawing following the rhythm of music. You will learn how to relax and feel comfortable in an enjoyable and safe environment.


Each session incorporates multiple artistic themes, acknowledging your expressive interpretations and exploring the process rather than the final work.


Māpura Studios will supply the art materials for free. No previous experience in dance or visual art is required. Dress comfortably and welcome to Movement & Art!

Programme goals 

• Expand repertoire of movements and self/body awareness
• Develop group rhythm and coordination
• Increase creative self-expression
• Exercise imagination
• Discover new abilities
• Motivate curiosity
• Cultivate inspiration and spontaneity
• Increase social connections, and group participation
• Improve well-being

Materials – Māpura supplies

Visual diary A3
Watercolour set
Cretacolor pastel stick
4B pencil
Pencil sharpener
Glue stick
Collage paper

You supply

Scarf or fabric
A cushion
Any kind of tape: masking, Sellotape, packing tape
Chopsticks, forks, spoons (for clay)
Rags (cotton is best)
Plastic container (for water)
Old plate (for use as a palette)
Used magazines for collage
Materials from nature (later on in the programme)

Course curriculum

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    About Art & Movement

    • Included in the programme....